RoadKing Customer Testimonials

RoadKing Heavy-Duty Charging Power

"I'm loving the new phone charger it is very durable and I love the light in the end. It makes it easy to find. It's definitely not a cheap product like I've been buying." - Maggie Riessen, RoadPro Pro Driver Council member

RoadKing CB equipment is the standard by which professional drivers swear by.

"If you are into two-way communications of any kind, more than likely, you already know the RK56 is the only choice. By far the top mic on the market."

"Great mic for great price..... I will be passing on the word to other truckers."

"The mic has a good feel to my hand, not too bulky."

"Great upgrade for my Cobra 29LTD, transmissons much clearer, and can really crank up the power to really reach out."

"The Best Mic On The Market! My last one lasted for 7 years. Everyday use is what this mic is intended for."

"As soon as I hooked it up on the radio..test 1 test 2...I could tell the difference."

"Best mobile mic I have ever used. I have it in both my vehicles and on my base station. Crisp & clear, it can take a beating and keep going. If you need to have it repaired all the parts are replaceable at any descent CB shop. Road King Rocks!"

RoadKing Wireless Headsets

"I have had my set for four months. Read the directions and it is very easy to use. The customer service is excellent!"

"Even in my car going 90 miles per hour..(and I have a noisy car). I can hear very well! And the people I talk to say I sound crystal clear".

"After using the Road King 400, found it easy to use, great product. I would recommend it to everybody looking for a Bluetooth headset."




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